You won't ever find him be unfaithful

You will find him, you'll find him next to me

Welcome to Next to Me! This is a tribute and the approved fan listing for Cullen Stanton Rutherford from Bioware's Dragon Age. We are listed in Games under the Category Characters. Cullen is my absolute favorite companion in Dragon Age. I've adored him since the meaningless flirt options in Dragon Age Origins. When a female mage flirts with him, he bolts down the hallway. I couldn't help but chuckle, and back then I did not completely realize that this would forever be my image of him. I was very happy to see him again in Dragon Age II, after he supported Hawke, I could not help but love him more. I avoided release and progress spoilers for Dragon Age Inquisition, and only spoiled myself by listening to romance options. Ultimately, I tried to decide whether or not I should romance him or Blackwall. For me, there are no choices, only Cullen.

You can find all the information you could ever want about Cullen in Lion's Roar. If you're looking to join the fanlisting, you can do so by claiming the commander's flag. The world map will take you to the exit and site pages, while clear will take you back to the index page. This site is chalk full of spoilers. You have been warned.

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