Welcome to Stupid Dragon a Goda Ryuji fan site for my favorite stupid dragon! It is text intensive and a bit rambling. This site contains spoilers for Yakuza 2 and Yakuza: Dead Souls.Why Ryuji? Well, honestly, why not? He's every bit as tough as Kazuma is. He's as strong and sturdy, but maybe a little more stubborn.

Why Stupid Dragon? When Sayama yells at Kazuma and Ryuji she says something along the lines of them being idiots. Ryuji retorts that every man should be a little bit stupid. It's not an epic line, it's not profound, but, it made me smile. Taking that into consideration I just merged it with Dragon because he's the dragon of Kansai (even though he'd be annoyed to hear me say it). And voila! Stupid Dragon.

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