For the last time, this has HUGE spoilers for ToX2. You can find my orginal posts here, here, and here.

Parallel dimensions rather than time changes.*Confirmed*

  1. Working on destroying fractured dimensions to save the prime dimension. Although thinking some time stuff has to be happening because of Chronos and Elle's age in comparison to Ludger's.
  2. Some parallel dimensions are also in different times.

Elle's dad is a parallel Ludger. *Confirmed*

  1. Watch given to her is Ludger's watch; one of them disappears in prime dimension.
  2. Elle mentions a cat that they had that was just like Rollo but older.
  3. Ludger's power is only able to be used with Elle around.
  4. Her dad has an older brother.
  5. Elle is a Kresnik, a true Kresnik according to Odin.

Point of interest that dismisses the idea:
Lu's age doesn't match up in a reasonable way with Elle's. Unless his birth records were also changed. Lu is stated as being 20 while Elle is 8. Elle is a parallel from another dimension which means things could be different, but assuming that the dimensions are on the same timeline (as they seem to be) Ludger would still only be 20 in her dimension. In a side quest we do find out that Julius had birth records changed, so perhaps Ludger's was too. But that would seem like it could be hard to fake.

Perhaps this is something that can be that Elle is from a future time as she also references a cat that her dad had that looked similar to Rollo but older.

August 26, 2014: Elle is from a future world where Ludger is her father, he uses a different name. I'm thinking because he defeated his brother and father in combat to get the full power of Kresnik.

The Milla we have will disappear when Milla Maxwell shows up. *Confirmed*
More accurately two items cannot exist in the same dimension. In some cases one item absorbs the other (this happened with Elle's and Ludger's watches as well as with Rollo). In other cases, such as Milla's, she dies to summon the other Milla. Granted she does it for Elle not for Milla.

Bakur is the Kresnik brother's father. *Pretty much Confirmed*
Story point: Julius states that sometimes the battle is father against son.
Story point: Bakur comes to defend Ludger from Chronos and a flash of a transformation appears that makes Chronos think that fighting him and Ludger is a bad idea. Bakur also won't let Canaan slip away now that the family dream is being realized.
Story Point: Ludger becomes the Vice President of Spirius; this tells me that there was definitely something more that he didn't know about but still meant something to Bakur.
Story Point: He is a kresnik and is somehow related to Julius and Rideaux; since the Kresnik boys have different mothers it's safe to assume that Bakur is the father.

Bakur is somehow responsible for the fractured dimensions. *Not quite Bakur so muc has Kresniks*
Story Point: Currently, as of Chapter 11, it's Chronos.
Story Point: It's not Chronos, he just gave the Kresnik family the power of chromatus and the use of too much kresnik power results in divergent catalysts.
Story Point: The kresniks created divergent catalysts fighting to try and get to Canaan. So while, Bakur isn't solely responsible his family does play a huge part in it. In addition, he wanted to find Canaan to make a wish.

Rideaux is a kresnik or something similar. *Kinda confirmed*
Story Point: Has a transformation and secondary fighting form.
Seems bitter about Julius and his abilities, perhaps a rivalry more than just coworkers? Brothers in some way?
Story Point: A powerful member of the Kresnik family is needed to create a soul bridge to get to Canaan. Bakur uses Rideaux. This means that he is a Kresnik or shares similar blood. Though Julius states that he and Rideaux were only ever tools.