Wild Arms 2nd Igntion follows the journey of Ashley Winchseter, field leader of ARMs, and his comrades as they stop the terrorist group Odessa. Ashley is possessed by the Ancient evil Blaze of Disaster and protected by the Holy Sword Argetlahm - his life hangs ever in the balance! Will Blazer possess Ashley and destroy Filgaia? When the Sky starts to get eaten by an approaching universe ARMs musters all of their Hope, Love, and Courage to save their beloved planet.

In Ancient China the Mandate of Heaven was the "Right to Rule" as dictated by Heaven. This doctrine allowed that Heaven would bless the ruler of China and that when Heaven smiled upon the Emporer that the land was prosperous. When things like natural disasters started happening, this signified that the current rule had started to lose favor with Heaven. This allowed the common citizens a way to understand when enough was enough and thus revolt and find someone new to look after the coutnry.

In context of Wild Arms 2nd Ignition, there exists similar ideas. One being that Filgaia is dying and that something must be done or the whole world will fall into ruin. The Village of Baskar keep Guardian Lore and raise a child to act as the divine Pillar to guide the people and lead the world back onto the path of prosperity. The Mandate of Heaven, in essence, is that the will of the Guardians chooses a Pillar and has them fulfill tasks to restore the world to glory, health, and prosperity. I chose this name for Pooka's shrine because he is the physical link to the Guardians. He supports their Pillar and helps him to make choices. Pooka guides, assists, and befriends Tim according to the Guardian's (Heaven's) will.


I do not own Wild Arms 2nd Igntion. Any and all recognizable charatcers are copyright to their respective and awesome owners. I do not own the Mandate of Heaven, I am merely connecting ideas I find intriguing. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this shrine are my own, as awkward and farfetched as they might be.

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In the Making

Mandate of Heaven was coded in Notepad, best viewed on Firefox in 1280 x 1024 resolution. All fonts from Da Font. Textures from Elysian Phoenix, Hybrid Genesis and Lost and Taken. Gradient background from Dynamic Drive. Images used to accentuate Pooka's awesomeness and important pillar locations from IGN Wild Arms 2nd Ignition Walktrough.

A huge thank you to Cherri for the Pooka favicon and being amazingly patient with me and helping me get through the little details! Another HUGE thank you to Mikari for helping me get my rotation sorted out. You are the best sisters ever.