Welcome to Mandate of Heaven! Snow's tribute to the cute sub-spirit and link to the guardians, Pooka! Here you will find an array of articles to the adorable Pooka from Wild Arms 2nd Ignition! Although Pooka has a small role, he fills the heart and confidence of one little boy. It is Pooka's lack of sense of self and bias that help the Baskar Pillar, Tim, make all his decisions. A side-kick, a guide, a treasure hunter, Pooka is Pooka. This site has unmarked spoilers, you have been warned.

~Snow x Last updated on January 19, 2015

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Mandate of Heaven was made as a participant for Amassment's Creature Feature event! I have loved Pooka since Wild Arms 2nd Iginition came out in 2000. It's taken me this long to get anything up to him. Pooka is by far one of the most adorable companions in the world and I wanted everyone to see him as I see him.

. Pooka is Pooka .

Mandate of Heaven was coded in Notepad, best viewed on Firefox in 1280 x 1024 resolution. All fonts from Da Font. Textures from Elysian Phoenix, Hybrid Genesis and Lost and Taken. Gradient background from Dynamic Drive. A huge thank you to Cherri for the Pooka favicon and being amazingly patient with me and helping me get through the little details! Another HUGE thank you to Mikari for helping me get my rotation sorted out. You are the best sisters ever.