Pooka is the sub-spirit guide to the Guardian's Pillar, Tim. He is a small sub-spirit that lacks a sense of self. He gives Tim advice and helps to guide him according to the Guardian's Will. Despite his small stature he communciates with the guardians. Pooka's job is to make sure that Tim follows through in his journey and supports him in his decisions.

Pooka has the unique ability to scan or read medium tablets. This allows him to combine and create a physical manifestation of the guardian medium. In this way, Tim can summon different elemental Guardians to heal and attack. Without Pooka, the mediums that offer stat boosts and special skills cannot draw from their complete power. Pooka can be used to summon with four different party members, allowing Tim to summon any equipped medium. Through Pooka, Tim can also learn an array of guardian specific magic that makes him a force to be reckoned with!

Pooka summoned on Screen Success! Thanks Pooka!

Other than being able to give physical form to the sleeping guardian tablets, Pooka can also be summoned on screen to hit switches and open boxes that the party cannot reach. He is Tim's first tool (or helpful item) that allows the party to traverse, explore, and clear dungeons. This is really handy for collecting boxes over chasms and for hitting two switches at once. He is also really helpful when the party needs to race over a timed bridge.