The Guardians are the spiritual protectors of the world of Filgaia. They give life to the entire world. One guardian in particular, Glaive le Gable, gives form and energy to the land. The guardians represent a variety of elements including fire, water, earth, wind, mud, love, and hope. They are worshipped by the people of Baskar, where the Guardian Lore is kept alive. A zoa priest is often trained to be the Pillar. The pillar communicates with the guardians through their sub-spirit, Pooka. Most guardians are no longer able to take a physical form and are represented in medium tablets that the sub-spirit Pooka combines with, this matrix reading allows Pooka to transform into the gaurdian and assist the Pillar.

The three guardian lords of Hope, Love, and Courage are spoken about in lore, however, with the world in such deep decline they have been lost. When the three guardian lords tablets are restored it is said that anything can be achieved. They represent ideal emotions and mindframes that it takes to be a "hero" to save the world.

There is one more guardian that is quite special, Lucied the Guardian of Desire. He is the only Guardian able to take a physical form. He does this by bonding with the heart of a hero. Their desire sustains him and allows him to assist their quest. He is the most well known guardian because he assisted Anastasia the Sword Magess in defeating the Blaze of Disaster. Anastasia's desire gave him a physical form which he used to fight to protect the Filgaia that Anastasia loved so much. He is one fo two guardians that Tim and Pooka cannot utilize. The other is Glaive le Gable, the guardian of Mud which exists at Filgaia's core and channels energy to the entire world.

Pooka's main job is to guide and protect Tim, the Pillar. Pooka connects Tim with the guardians and helps him to make important decisions. The sub-spirit works as a link to the guardian realm in which Tim can ask questions and feel the planet. The Pillar's role is to be the savior of Filgaia through the Guardian's will. To achieve this will, the Guardians send dreams to the dream seers of Baskar, they in turn interpret these dreams, and train the Pillar for their role in saving the world. The guardians can deliver dreams in the usual cryptic manner or in excrutiating detail that seems cryptic until the disaster is upon Filgaia. Pooka helps to make sense of the guardian's messages to the Pillar.