Pooka supports the Pillar. It is my beief that each Pooka appears differently depending on the needs and desires of the pillar. Since Pooka is defined as being a sub-spirit and servant to the Guardians, I think that this is doable. I also believe that each Pooka is seperate because I do not feel that Pooka could spend time with a Pillar and not be affected by them. I do not believe that any Pooka is the same a any other Pooka. I just believe that Pooka is Pooka and that Pooka always fits the needs of the Pillar.

The Pillar is the savior of the world. They follow the will of hte guardians to rid theland of evil, illness, and destruction. Often they are raised in Baskar Village, the last village that remembers and protects Guardian Lore. A pillar candidate is born every generation. Usually pillar abilities and rights are passed on through family, although other exceptional priests can become pillar-candidates through proper training. The guardians pick their pillars at their birth, yet candidates must still pass the guardian trials to prove themselves worthy.